a glitchy edited screenshot of a defaced romanian government website

KittenSec leaks romanian and EU government data

a promising new kitten on the block

about a week ago now i got tagged in a random discord server im in with a screenshot of a romanian government website, it had been defaced and now read "this website has been owned! holy fucking bingle!" an image of a slyveon rotated in the center of the screen. below it there was a link to a telegram channel called KittenSec, it seemed just like any other hack and leak release telegram channel, except it was only just created. their first post is already a brag about how they have hacked the romanian government and archived tons of data including databases and other things. damn, starting out strong.

a screenshot of the romanian government defacement

later that day i was contacted by someone from the group, we chatted a bit, i got a bit more of an idea of the situation and tried to help them get in contact with some journalists who might be interested in a hack that big, but nothing much came out of it at the time. they seemed really busy further working on their #OpRomania and with preparing things for release anyways.

fast forward to two days ago, kittensec has posted another announcement on telegram, the data is being released:

kittensec telegram announcement: Hi everyone :3 ! We want to break the radio silence about our #OpRomania 🇷🇴🇪🇺 We're presenting you a few tasty leaks coming directly from both Romania's Headquarters and the European Commission extranet. Too bad for leaking passwords in emails and databases! We present you a fair bit of leaked emails, documents, contracts, healthcare, IDs and everything that we got so far, after having removed any personal info because that's out of our motives. We also have data from IRASFF (European Food Safety), and other Romanian-state related services like FleetOnline or OMV Fuel Navigator or some Vehicle Tracking. All those website DBs were also lots of fun~ Now you're probably wondering, how did we get here? Well, you can read our blog post that will be uploaded in the near future 🏃‍♀️ Hope you enjoy being hacked by random people on your computer screen! Mega Link: This is not the end, this is the just beginning. More soon 👀

included as is usual with releases like these are various screenshots of documents and internal webportals (click words to see them (i really need to make a small image gallery feature for this blog lmao)). the original leak was provided exclusively via MEGA, which unfortunately already took the file down one day later, which is why i decided to create a torrent mirror for this interesting release.

OpRomania Leaks [KittenSec].zip (220354 files, ~25gb), available as a torrent (magnet)

i have not yet and probably won't analyze this leak for a proper blog post, however i found getting it out there and preserving it as a torrent a valuable enough cause, hopefully this way it can end up in interested hands for coverage.

note: despite the name, aesthetic and usage of the phrase "holy fucking bingle" i have no involvement with kittensec besides creating the torrent mirror of my own accord. i do however have a way to get in contact with the group and can help securely connecting journalists to them.