a glitchy edited screenshot of the poast landing page

(UPDATED) meet the shitpoasters - the nazis made an oopsie

lets look at the professional profiles of poa.st and bae.st users

earlier this year, the popular far right fediverse instance poast was hacked leaking user profiles with emails, posts and DMs. today i was sent a special little treat, a singular html file containing all the poa.st and bae.st profiles with linkedin profiles associated to their e-mail addresses, all their linkedin info, their top 5 worst posts as ranked by sentiment analysis and their DMs. i will leave proper in depth analysis of this data to extremism researchers and journalists, but a few interesting people i can find at a glance are:


after some feedback regarding potential false positives in the list, the source of the compiled document asked me to publish the following correction: "Upon further research, Richard (Shawn) Carmichael aka psychosis67 is not a professor at Gardner-Webb University, but an IT guy from Humboldt, Iowa who impersonated the university professor from North Carolina with the same name on his now deleted LinkedIn profile.", a formal apology has been sent to the professor. furthermore we found that user bluj162 was also mapped wrong (to the chief operating officer of a school district), research here however shows that bluj162 is the son of J. Sanchez of Palm Beach (who i presume managed his dads LinkedIn?).

meet-the-shitpoasters.html (HTML, 4.5MB, unmodified by me), also available as a torrent (magnet)