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the emails pt 2 - 810 more hateful emails

another collection of emails from 2017-2023 from the shupe archive

content warnings:
transphobia, us politics

CLARIFICATION: i, maia, am not the source of this email leak, merely a publisher, since i feel that this should be more widely available than just to selected journalists

a few days after my original public release of 2600 pages of emails showing the massive anti-trans conspiracy in the US, xtra magazine released another article (which i highly recommend reading). this aritcle is notable since it's based on even more leaked emails than the mother jones story, elisa rae shupe has provided several journalists with an archive of her entire inbox from 2017-2023. i do not have access to that entire archive (and don't want to, given the amount of personal information), however i have been given access to 810 more notable emails and email threads, including twitter dm notifications, discussions with fox news journalists and much more.

i will not be providing much more of a summary of the contents here, besides what xtra covers and what other trans researchers and journalists will shortly be covering on twitter, since i do not wanna drown myself in transphobia. much love and respect to everyone who has the energy to do this digging, my job however is on another front, so i hope you undestand why this blog post is rather short <3. this also serves as a reminder to other members of the trans community that you do not always have to consume all the dreadful shit we are exposed to all day you are allowed to take a break and fight in other ways.

so anyways, here is 810 more eml files (which can be viewed with most desktop email clients) + most (but not all) attachments already extracted as files:

the emails pt. 2 - 810 more emails of anti trans hate.zip (810 eml files, ~30mb), available as a torrent (magnet)